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  • Berlin Policy Forum

ExOCoP Berlin Policy Forum

The ExOCoP Berlin Policy Forum took place in June 2012 and pulled together recommendations from the intense information-harvesting in all aspects of prison entrance, ETE and offender resettlement. We welcomed members of DGs EMPL, EAC and JUST, National Ministers and ESF Representatives from 14 partner countries and 6 European Professional Umbrella Organisations working in this field.

Heartfelt thanks once again to everyone for their input in this intense and fruitful discussion!

Recommendations, Reports and Workplan

Structure of the Policy Forum
Seminars covering the various areas were run by partners who are experts in the field, guided by a panel to allow participants indepth discussion before bringing final recommendations to the group discussions on the last day of the Forum.

Recommendations finalised during the seminars were subject to close scrutiny from experts and decision-makers, and partners will review and contribute to a Community of Practice for the reintegration of ex-offenders.

ExOCoP Wiki :: Knowledge Sharing among Partners and Beyond
We're developing a wiki as part of the ExOCoP network, making it easier for our partners to share their vast knowledge and experience within the field of ex-offenders with a wider audience.

You can read a summary of ExOCoP's wiki work here (pdf, 269.2 KB).
Go to the ExOCoP Wiki - Shared Learning.