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The workplan pathway
Partners worked together to decide upon a workplan which followed the pathway of a (ex) offender through prison and into the community. This pathway was broadly referred to as:

Entry - ETE (Education, Training, and Employment) - Aftercare

Recommendations for practice and for policy
18 themed workshops have taken place. Partners from European Member States brought their diverse experience, questions and examples of best practice in that particular field. Each workshop lasted approximately two days and had the specific task to produce recommendations for policy and practice in that one area.

Workshops were then grouped, and the recommendations from each presented by the workshop leader at one of five, high-level seminars. Seminars were well-attended by both experts and decision-makers. They also focussed to some extent on the issues particular to the host country.

Which workshops fed into which seminar?
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Seminar 1: Entrance
The Entrance Seminar took place in May 2011 and was hosted by our UK partners.
>WS1 Diagnostics and Profiling
>WS2 Assessment and Sentence Planning
>WS3 Theraputic Community
>WS4 Quality Management

Seminar 2: Education, Training and Employment (ETE)
The ETE Seminar took place in September 2010 and was hosted by our Spanish partners.
>WS5 Training in Prison
>WS6 e-learning
>WS7 Art in Prison
>WS8 Staff Training

Seminar 3: Aftercare
The Aftercare Seminar took place in May 2011 and was hosted by our Dutch partners.
>WS9 Preparation for Release
>WS10 Aftercare
>WS11 Family Relationships and Resettlement
>WS12 Community Links

Seminar 4: Special Groups
The Special Groups Seminar took place in June 2011 and was hosted by our Polish partners.
>WS13 Women
>WS14 Youth
>WS15 Migrants

Seminar 5: Networking
The Networking Seminar took place in November 2010 and was hosted by our Italian partners.
>WS16 Prison Work/ Prison Industry
>WS17 Work with Employers
>WS18 Networking of Institutions

1-3 February, 2012: ExOCoP Berlin Policy Forum
With this intense collaborative, information-harvesting period now over, work has begun on the ExOCoP Policy Forum in Berlin on 2nd and 3rd February, 2012, with the opening ceremony to take place at 8pm on Wednesday, 1st February.

The forum will be chaired by Prof. Hans-Jürgen Kerner, of the University of Tübingen, with a keynote speech by William Rentzmann, Director General of the Danish Kriminalforsorgen. Seminars covering the various areas will be run by partners who are experts in the field, guided by a panel to allow participants indepth discussion before bringing final recommendations to the group discussions on the last day of the Forum.

Recommendations finalised during the seminars will be subject to close scrutiny from experts and decision-makers, and partners will review and contribute to a Community of Practice for the reintegration of ex-offenders.