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Kick-Off Meeting 28. May 2009 Bremen, Germany

The 28th of May 2009, there has been the Kick-Off Meeting of the Learning Network in Bremen, Germany.

Here you find the Agenda and some of the presentations.

Agenda Kick-Off Meeting (pdf, 15.4 KB)

Welcome speeches:

Prof. Stauch, Senate of Justice and Constitution, Bremen

Dr. Schuster, Senate of Labour, Bremen

Alan Smith (Alan Smith (pdf, 194.5 KB)), DG Education and Culture, Brussels

Luca Pirozzi (Luca Pirozzi (pdf, 118 KB)), DG Employment and Social Affairs, Brussels

Dr. Heister, BMAS, Bonn, Germany


Allen Mercer Allen Mercer (pdf, 37.9 KB) - Lessons Learned by EQUAL Policy Forum Warsaw

Jürgen Hillmer Jürgen Hillmer (pdf, 305 KB), Description of the ExOCoP

Ian Henshaw Ian Henshaw (pdf, 23.1 KB), The subproject Evaluation

Jürgen Friedrich Jürgen Friedrich (pdf, 608.3 KB). The subproject Knowledge Management

Elisabetta Longo: Description of the Chance-Project; Italy - Regione Lazio